• The cause for canonisation

Here the path of the cause for canonisation



Five years after his death, as required by the new laws for the causes of saints, at the end of the conference entitled “Father Oreste Benzi, a witness and prophet for the challenges of times”, Giovanni Ramonda, President of the Pope John XXIII Community, delivered to the Bishop of Rimini, Mons. Francesco Lambiasi, the request to initiate the cause for beatification and canonisation.



The postulator Elisabetta Casadei, after one year of research into Father Oreste Benzi’s reputation of holiness and having collected extensive documentation about it, delivered to the Bishop of Rimini, Mons. Francesco Lambiasi, the written petition requesting to initiate the cause, supported by a number of letters, including nine from cardinals, 41from Italian bishops, 11 from non-Italian bishops and archbishops and many others from the presidents of various ecclesial movements and associations.



The Bishop of Rimini, Mons. Francesco Lambiasi, having received the favourable opinion of the Emilia Romagna Episcopal Conference and the Nihil Obstat from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, promulgated the initiation decree of the Cause for Beatification and Canonisation of the Servant of God priest Oreste Benzi.



The Bishop of Rimini, Mons. Francesco Lambiasi, presided over the public Opening Session of the Inquiry, in La Resurrezione church, Rimini, with Elisabetta Casadei as postulator, Father Giuseppe Tognacci as Episcopal Delegate, Victorino Casa Llana as Promotor of Justice, and Alfio Rossi as Notary.
Since then, over a hundred witnesses have been heard by the Inquiry Officials and a great many documents have been gathered and examined by the Historical Commission and by the Theological Censors.

The cause for canonisation of Father Oreste Benzi is currently in its diocesan phase, waiting to advance to its Roman phase, to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

To report graces and favours received, write to Elisabetta Casadei the Postulator of the Cause:

Elisabetta Casadei
Postulazione Causa di canonizzazione don Oreste Benzi
Via Cairoli, 69
47923 Rimini (Italy);

or call +39 349 3237566