Servant of God
Father Oreste Benzi
07.09.1925 – 02.11.2007


Oh most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
We adore You, we praise You and we thank You for Your
gift to the Church of the priest Father Oreste Benzi.
In him You have made shine forth the strong, faithful,
loving tenderness of Your fatherhood, the glory of the Cross of Christ and the splendour of the Spirit of love

His trust in Your infinite, provident mercy and in the motherly intercession of Mary, has made him, for so many of Your children, the living image of Jesus
the Good Shepherd.
He has taught by example how to live by the new commandment of charity and he has shown sanctity to be the measure of Christian life and the path to achieving blessed and eternal communion with You.

We ask, by his intercession and according to Your will,
to be granted the grace we implore, in the hope that in Your holy Church he may be an example of sainthood and in the Communion of Your Saints in order to build Your Kingdom.